Trail in Search of Highland Slender Loris – Nuwara Eliya

While winding up to the tea country, let’s engage in a unique project by taking part in a reforestation program to save the nocturnal primate, “Highland Slender Loris”. It’s one of Sri Lanka’s mystical creatures who come alive in the night with large bulging eyes and petite limbs.
The slender Loris is an arboreal animal with slow and precise movements and spends most of its life in trees and would travel on top of branches. Hence, leads us to the reason why we as Human Beings need to contribute in this worthy cause to enhance the natural eco-systems and increase biodiversity. An activity that beyond doubt puts in to action – “Travelling with a purpose”.
This will be followed by a short lecture conducted by A well-known professor from a local university about “The Loris”.

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