Cycling in the Locality of Yala

Hop on a prime condition, imported mountain bike that can be guided by a villager who knows the sights to see, and our naturalist can accompany you to help identify birds, butterflies, and other creatures of the wild such as crocodiles, mongoose and deer.

Our organised bicycling excursions start from the hotel premises with a ride along a gravel road, passing village houses and small tanks where buffaloes wallow attended by birds. The flash of blue of peacocks strutting in the paddy fields and surrounding shrubs is an exotic sight. The banks of the tanks where you can ride abound in birds as well as being an invigorating experience with pure fresh air blowing in from the lake.

The excursion reaches its climax on the lake bank with a visit to a Chena Cultivation, the slash & burn method of preparing soil for cultivation by local farmers. This takes place twice a year and is vital for the livelihood of our neighbouring villagers. You will be able to witness their simple way of life, as well as learn about their healthy diet and eating habits, and their age-old natural medicines and healing methods with a lifestyle that is always connected with nature.

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