Ella, which literally translates into ‘waterfall’ is the name fit for this little town located in the hills and owing to its stunning vistas richly adorned with cascades that trickle down its rugged terrains.

Located some 225km (140 miles) away from Colombo, Ella offers some of the most scenic sights available in Sri Lanka. It is perfect for those who enjoy nature and outdoors fun as it offers ample opportunities for trekking expeditions.

The unparalleled beauty of the vistas in Ella includes the Ella gap where one can enjoy the sights of the grand stone bridge that stands tall, with nine archways. The walk leading to the Ella gap falls through a railway and is definitely a factor that would add to the excitement of the little trek. The spectacular bird’s-eye views available at the crests of the mini Adam’s peak and Bambaragala are visits that should not be missed!

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